Polonia Bookstore Chicago



Useful Information for Library Orders

We would like to encourage public and university libraries to order books or other items
on our safe and secure website www.polonia.com.

You can place orders using your library credit cards as the individual customers do, however,
your orders will always receive our 20 % library discount.

If you have an open account with us, your credit card will not be charged and the ordered books
or other items will be sent to your address together with our 15 days net invoice, in triplicate.
Your fax orders are welcome as usual as well as telephone and mail orders.

Whatever form of ordering you select while purchasing on our website www.polonia.com
we would like you to know that your orders will always receive our most careful attention.

And also, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you in the American Libraries
for your long lasting support and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Thank you very much.

Polonia Bookstore,
Chicago, IL