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DIVIDED LOYALTY: Britain’s Polish Ally During World War II

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Helion and Company 2017, 224 pages (soft cover)

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Author: Wieslaw Rogalski ISBN: 978-1911096641 Language: English Availability: 3-4 days Year Published: 2017 Categories: ,

At the outbreak of the Second World War, Poland was a quasi-military State undergoing rapid political and social change. Nevertheless, Britain signed an agreement with the country as part of its decision to adopt a policy of encircling Germany: a resolution requiring an ally in the East. On the collapse of Poland in October 1939, the country’s political opposition executed a coup against the Polish Government and formed a new administration, which was recognized by the Allies as the Polish Government in Exile. This regime change precipitated a feud between the supporters of the new and old governments, which lasted throughout the war. In 1945, the British removed their recognition of the exiled government – now based in London – to pave the way for the Soviet Union to impose a communist administration in Poland. However striking and fateful these events were, the history of how regime change came to Britain’s Polish ally has largely been ignored until now”.


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