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Jerzy Zieba 2019, 420 pages (soft cover)

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Author: Jerzy Zieba ISBN: 978-83-9451-305-4 Language: English Availability: 24h Year Published: 2019 Categories: , ,

“For some, this will be shocking, unacceptable; for others, it will be exciting and open up new perspectives. One thing is certain: Jerzy Zieba will arouse your emotions. You can’t be indifferent to this book. It’s an ocean of information about the treatment of many chronic and degenerative diseases that are major problems for a large section of the population.
It is worth emphasizing that Jerzy Zieba has set a difficult task for his detractors,because everything he writes is carefully documented with references to the scientific literature. He gives proponents of the “natural” approach to treatment another information dump to get their teeth into, as well as priceless (and often simple) methods of treatment.”
Dr. Wlodzimierz Morawski, MD


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