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NINE (Dziewiec)

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Harcourt New York 2007, 240 pages (hard cover)

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Author: Andrzej Stasiuk ISBN: 978-0-1510-1064-6 Language: English Availability: 24h Year Published: 2007 Categories: ,

“Pawel, a young businessman in debt to loan sharks, wakes up one April morning in a sea of debris, broken glass, ripped upholstery and clothes spilling out of the wardrobe. He turns to two friends for help: Bolek, a former coal miner, now a drug dealer who lives in tasteless luxury; and Jacek, and addict, who is himself on the run through Warsaw, a washed-out city, a hostile landscape of apartment blocks, railroad stations, wild gardens, factories, and suburban wastelends. Here Andrzej Stasiuk portrays a generation of Poles, freed from outdated ideologies but left feeling adrift and disconnected from family, neighbors, and friends. At one existential crime fiction and a work of art, ‘Nine’ establishes Stasiuk as a mojor voice in European literature.”


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